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Dating myself...  many decades ago way back in the mid or so fifty's I was taught by and learned from a multi billionaire on how to take care of customers the way it was meant to be done, that is...  long before the big powerful greed based NWO Globalist corporations made good business practices and customer service that had made America great a bad thing from the past.

Well...  good business practices and great customer service are NOT a bad thing from the past because for decades independent business people used those tools to build and make America and her people great and prosperous, thus it is my focus to only offer products & services to you from company's and suppliers who WILL take care of you so you will not be attacked by unscrupulous sales people or auto-responders through me from eMails or my websites.  So if more help is needed...  I will simply have people NOT machines or electronics do the needed work.

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