About Cliff...

Thinking out loud...

Having worked in a number of ‘brick & mortar’ retail stores for many years, I have a great deal of work related experience dealing with the stores, products and with people as customers but...  I also spent many years working the graveyard shift in 7-Eleven Stores before the timed access safe had been created forcing me [back in the day] to deal with people who were not customers but rather...  raging animals on two legs often with their pathetic little gun thing shoved in my face as if they thought it gave them some power or hold over me so...  my people skills experience goes far beyond dealing with just customers.

The picture of me here [with both legs amputated] was taken just after learning to walk again [for the fifth time] and now am down to just one cane.

Yes…  now I spend most of my time working on my websites and online store helping real customers rather than spending countless hours on my feet working in physical stores on concrete floors so...  if you are of a mind to...  please check out the products in my online store and other services [and postings] listed in the page menu.

If you have any questions or commits just send me a message or eMail [see 'Contact Cliff' bottom of Home page].

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


It's a choice...

Being challenged in life is inevitable...  Being defeated is optional.

I have chosen not to be defeated...  what have you chosen?