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Happy Water

Hydrated Cells Are Happier...  the amount of water in the human body is said to average about 70%.  The lowering of the water’s content in the blood is what triggers the hypothalamus, the brain’s thirst center, to send out its familiar demand for a drink of water.

If the thirst reflex is not satisfied with pure water that is hydrating, blood cells essentially start turning to powder.  Take the water out of milk and what do you have?  Powdered milk.  The same thing happens when your blood gets dehydrated – blood cells shrink up and become sticky and clump together.  They no longer flow freely as they should in order to carry nutrition and oxygen to the cells, and if dehydration becomes serious, your blood can virtually turn to a thick, gooey, powdery substance that will no longer pass through the smaller blood vessels.

Not only do your blood cells need to remain hydrated, but all of your cells including your bone cells.  Hydrated cells are “happy” cells and that is why we named our hydrating concentrate Happy Water.  Many people have reported having a happy, euphoric feeling after drinking pure water with ShopFreeMart Happy Water Concentrate added to it.

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The people at Truegenics have gone out of their way to help me help my customers and that helps you.  Here are a few of their great products...

NutriO2 - Oxygen Healing Drops

Reports show there is not as much oxygen in our air today as there was in the past and as the amount of oxygen lessens, our bodies ability to say well also lessens for oxygen is one of the tools our physical bodies use to combat illness & disease and stay well.

Personally...  I test needing two Nutri02 oxygen healing drops twice a day. Enter HERE to watch the video and/or order.

Ultra Omega Burn - Weight Loss

Want to try Ultra Omega Burn to lose weight or just get more information?  To watch the video or buy enter HERE.

GRS Ultra - Anti-aging/Longevity

Unfortunately today far too many people fail to realize how we feel and age is greatly dependent on what we eat or drink but in the mean time there are supplements that can and will aid our bodies in resisting natures toll.  One of those aids is GRS Ultra - Anti-aging/Longevity recipe for better health.  To watch the video and order enter HERE.

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AMSOIL... The First in Synthetics

AMSOIL Oil & lubrication products are for all land & water based applications [Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Light & Heavy Duty Trucks (including Motor Homes, Semi's & Tractors), Lawnmowers, Guns, Chainsaws, Bicycles and much, much more (yes even squeaky hinges)].

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I've been an Independent AMSOIL Dealer since 1976 and over the years have personally benefited by AMSOIL's quality and dedication to their products, customers and Independent Dealers.

On AMSOIL's website there is a free lookup guide to find your vehicles oil and lubrication requirements so you won't need to go ask what grade or how much oil or which filter you need so...

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