The Empty Tomb

False teachers...

Clearly there has been a lack of teaching and misrepresentation of who and what we the people actually are and were intended to be and do.  The why this happened is not the issue but correcting or rectifying this is of utmost importance.


Understand this…  Jesus did not come to earth two thousand years ago to teach His disciples and followers to obey the laws of physics or for that matter…  to obey human humility.  If He had…  the Bible would be devoid of the endless miracles they did.   You don’t go around healing the sick, feeding thousands of people, raising the dead [and who knows all of what else they did] without breaking the laws of physics.  Yet today it would seem the Christian nation are nothing more than a bunch of lukewarm and powerless caboose riders rather than the children of The Living Gods and His salt & Light for a hurting world.

Who took the fire out of Gods people?

That old fake we are humans storyline has been going around for what seems like forever. You know...  the one that states we are just irrelevant deplorable descendants of monkeys. Then there’s the Bibles version that we are mankind [the children (sons)] of The Living God.
So why the fake storyline…  what’s the differensce and what was the point?

It’s called greed & power…

You see…  the powers that be have used the same words & thoughts to create their castles and mansions...  with that they have said your words & thoughts are meaningless.  Thus their claim you are mere deplorable human animals on two legs.  Oh yes…  they full well know that if…  you were to ever wake up to who and what Scripture actually says you are and can do… there will be a great destiny and direction change for the powers that be.

How can this be - what is this about?

There’s more about this inside The Empty Tomb website.  Come learn the truth the worlds rulers do not want you to know, that is...  if you dare [grin].  Enter HERE.