Cliff's Rant...

April 24th 2019 AD

Finally got my Karatbars & CTFO pages and links corrected and back up on my website [FINALLY].  Yes, I successfully work and spend a lot of time on the Internet, but...  I'm one of those old school people who spent many decades working in brick & mortar businesses.  The Internet is the future but it will never be comfortable for me.

April 6th 2019 AD

Have once again added Karatbars to my website and...  the NEW Karatgold.  ENJOY!

March 19th 2019 AD

Was having trouble changing my contact information in my CTFO Backoffice and questioned the office.  They sent me an eMail closing my account.  So I removed my CTFO affiliate link.  Great products but NOT customer friendly.

March 9th 2019 AD

Have an anniversary coming up soon.  On Friday April 12th 1991 AD, a doctor diagnosed me terminal stating my death was imminent.  On this up coming April 12th that original death diagnoses will have been made 28 years ago.  And those pathetic left thinkers want us to believe we are mere humans who descended from monkeys.  NOT!!  Rather...  we are immortal spirits wearing physical tents who are creative, self thinking, self governing mankind.

October 30th 2018 AD

Deleted the Webtalk page.  Seems they were not the shinnying new star they claimed to be.

October 19th 2018 AD

Finally got my 'Webtalk' page setup correctly.  Some days...  you would think I had failed high school in 1969 and that my diploma was fake.  Whoops, let that cat out of the bag.  Well the school was trying to get accredited and if I had come back for summer school, they would have failed their accreditation test.

October 9th 2018 AD

Had deleted my CTFO page because they had not yet updated to the new Goggle security rules.  Now they have and today I reloaded the page.  CTFO has some of the greatest health products so check out their YouTube information video while your there.


October 1st 2018 AD

It's been 19 years and the memory from October 1st 1989 when the two men bludgeoned me for twenty minutes, beating me until my heart & lugs stopped (literally beating me until I was dead) just flooded through my mind leaving me lethargic, lost and not sure I want to be found.

September 9th 2018 AD

Made some more changes today.    Looks as if this website is finally about ready.  Haven't worked on my book in a few months and not to long ago deleted all of the websites where I had stories posted.  While out delivering newspapers Saturday morning I believe God gave me an idea.  We'll see.

August 28th 2018 AD

Spent some time today cleaning up and renewing links.

July 2nd 2018 AD

Just deleted all the sites from my website that had failed or refused to up grade to goggles new security rules.  Guess they didn't think our business was worth their effort to keep us.

May 27th 2018 AD

Finished doing an update to my online store today rearranging how the pages are displayed.  Called into Go-daddy's office and found out this new web builder only allows for 20 pages.  The old one had no page limit and the retail stores I worked in for decades had thousands of products.  So much for progress.  NOT!

May 18th 2018 AD

Often my horrific past jumps into the present and snarls at me like the monster it was but I have learned to focus on the truth scripture teaches us about the fact we are NOT human animals but mankind...  children [or offspring] of The Living God and as such we are not physical animals that descended from monkeys like the NWO Globalist' hope we will foolishly believe but...  spirit beings wearing temporary physical tents and according to scripture, that spirit part of us creates with words & thoughts.  From a lack of knowledge in the past I created 'things' I would rather not have created.  This is NOT reminiscing over spilled milk but merely focusing on creating a positive future.

March 4th 2018 AD

Well today all of my writing sites are going away except for my '' site which expires June 11th and my new online store ''.  Now I can focus on maintaining my online store.  For the twenty plus years I was with Tripod hosting it was only 18 buck$ a month for unlimited websites but I never did figure out how to use their new web builder program.  Today with Go Daddy, the cost is much higher...  so fewer websites is better.