Cliff's Rant...

May 18th 2018 AD

Often my horrific past jumps into the present and snarls at me like the monster it was but I have learned to focus on the truth scripture teaches us about the fact we are NOT human animals but mankind...  children [or offspring] of The Living God and as such we are not physical animals that descended from monkeys like the NWO Globalist' hope we will foolishly believe but...  spirit beings wearing temporary physical tents and according to scripture, that spirit part of us creates with words & thoughts.  From a lack of knowledge in the past I created 'things' I would rather not have created.  This is NOT reminiscing over spilled milk but merely focusing on creating a positive future.

March 4th 2018 AD

Well today all of my writing sites are going away except for my '' site and my online store [my old online store site expires on 3-7-2018 and replaced with ''].  Now except for maintaining my online store I can focus on finishing my new book.  For the twenty plus years I was with Tripod hosting it was only 18 buck$ a month for unlimited websites but I never did figure out their new web builder program.  Today with Go Daddy, the cost is much higher...  so fewer websites is better.