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Diabetes Cure...

Back in the early 90's a  real doctor diagnosed me with diabetes and for many years I religiously took the doctor prescribed pharmaceutical drugs to control my blood sugar.  Then years later for an unrelated heath issue, I started taking a form of Turmeric Root which unbeknownst to me at the time cures diabetes.

As of this writing, I have not been able to take diabetic drugs for over five years because even without the pharmaceutical drugs [regardless of what I eat], my blood sugar never goes over 70.

Go figure that!

Along with this enhanced form of Turmeric Root, I also add half a teaspoon or so of ground organic cinnamon which stabilizes blood sugar from going to low.

Tests have been done that show a form of Turmeric Root called Curcumin to be eight times stronger and more effective than Turmeric Root.

Here are the links...  enter> Curcumin 95   -   enter> Cinnamon

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Stem Cell Protocol...

The original thought was that stem cells were only available from un-born children’s bodies but today we know that stem cells are in all of us but do to diet and age the supply gets depleted over time.  

But now researchers have found two supplements taken orally [working together] that not only restore but actually replenish and rebuild our stem cells life health benefit.

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DNA Protocol...

Until recently mainstream thinking believed there was no way to reverse aging…  or for that matter to even slow it down…  but the knowledge now is that there are nutrients and supplements that not only slow down the aging process, using up of our telomeres but actually reverse it.

Now PQQ [Pyrroloquinoline Quinone] doesn’t just repair your old broken worn out telomeres…  but can actually grows new ones [PQQ should be taken on an empty stomach for best results].

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Here it is for you…  PQQ




Heart attack, Stroke & Blood pressure protocol...

When we are born we come with a microscopic thin layer of super slippery stuff on the inside of our blood vessels, arteries and capillaries throughout our vascular system but because of toxins in our water, air and food...  over time our microscopic layer of super slippery stuff gets deleted.  Thus the end result...  is the insides of our blood network system is no longer slippery and the build up and blockage begins.  

L-Arginine not only restores the microscopic layer of super slippery stuff but also dissolves the build up and flushes it away.  Thus with a reasonable diet, proper nutrition and supplements, you can obtain and maintain the health you had decades ago.

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Here's the link...  L-Arginine




Acne Cure...

Over the years literally thousands of young male children paraded themselves into the stores where I worked with acne sores on their faces.  After speaking briefly to them...  a few days later their faces once again showed their magnificent innocence and beauty.

What was it I said to them?  Let me explain…

One night a bright red multi million dollar sports car raced up and skidded to a stop in front of the store and a well dressed twenty one year old male got out and came in...  his face a living volcano of pussy acne sores.  As he came up to the sales counter with his purchases…  I said to him, ‘would you like the acne to go away?’  He turned and looked at me putting his hand on the door and in a very business like voice blurted, ‘I have been all over the world…  seeing doctors and specialists of great reputation…  spent millions of dollars and no one has ever been able to clear up my face…  and you...  a graveyard 7-Eleven clerk thinks he is going to fix me?

He turned and left in his fancy red car but…

To his fading backside I said, take the equivalent of one thousand IU’s of vitamin E softgels a day and in a few days the acne will be gone.  And...  with that he was gone.

End of story?

Fourteen nights later the fancy bright red multi million dollar sports car raced up to the store and skidded to a stop for the second time and a twenty one year old well dressed male got out and came into the store parading around with his acne and puss free face.

Oh sure…  there was some scaring because of all the years doctors had forced this young man to live with this simple to cure problem but this night…  there was no acne and no living volcano of pussy sores.

Here's the link...  Vitamin E 

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Now you can buy your vitamin E softgels from me or anywhere and you do not need to buy an expensive brand.  There is an active ingredient in vitamin E Softgels whether expensive or cheep that just makes acne go away.

Just a note:

There is a heath problem that mimics acne so if the vitamin E cure does not work in a couple of weeks or so...  you need to see what 'they' call a ‘real’ doctor.  Hope you have more success with real doctors than I've had.